My name is Chris Wieber, and I’m the creator of Two Coda. I’m extremely excited to bring this to you, and I can’t wait until it’s ready to launch. While we’re working on it in the meantime, I’d like to expound on it a little. What exactly is it? What can it do for you? Read on!

What is Two Coda?

Two Coda is, quite simply, a website platform aimed specifically at music teachers. It’s got much more than that going for it, however. You’ll get:

A Website

Two Coda is, at its core, a full-fledged website builder. Think Squarespace, Wix, or WordPress.com (we did, in fact, build the platform on top of a heavily-modified WordPress base). You’ll be able to choose from a variety of themes and layouts, and those desiring even more customization will have access to a drag-and-drop page builder.

On the “Free” tier, you’ll be at yourname.twocoda.com. You can keep that on other tiers, but upgrading will also give you the option of bringing your own domain name (www.yourname.com). This can be purchased via a third-party vendor such as GoDaddy, Namecheap, or Gandi (personally, we like Hover). Anywhere you can manage your domain, however, will work perfectly.

Bonus: We’re working on becoming a domain reseller so you can buy one directly through us. Stay tuned!

Student Management and Scheduling

On your website, you’ll be provided with plenty of widgets that help you manage your students and schedule. Furthermore, everything is completely customizable so as to match the way you do business. For example:

  • Your students can schedule appointments themselves according to open appointment slots, or you can require them to contact you first.
  • Similarly, you can accept new students automatically, or require them to contact you before they’re able to make appointments.
  • You can set up recurring lessons that occur at a specific time every week, month, etc. for regular students.
  • Every student will get an account on your site where they can log in and see their schedule, notes, etc.

Through the policy customizer, you can automatically enforce cancellation and scheduling policies. For example, if you require payment for 3 lessons up front, the student’s payment goes toward a balance that’s automatically deducted when the lesson occurs. Let’s also say that you also have a 24-hour cancellation or no-show policy where you charge a fee, up to and including the cost of the lesson. Should the student log onto the scheduling system to cancel within this window, they’ll be reminded of this policy, and forfeit the fee should they still want to cancel.

With the student profile, you can keep detailed notes on students’ progress in the form of a lesson timeline. These can be internal, i.e. for your eyes only, or “open”, so that both you and the student can see them. Additionally, you’ll be able to upload sheet music, recordings, and other media that can then be shared with the student.

Take Payments Online

I touched on payment policies earlier, but there’s even more to it. On paid tiers, you’ll be able to connect your PayPal or Stripe account to your website and start taking payments directly on your website. Everything happens automatically from there, freeing you from the “who still owes me and for what” panic.

And finally… affordability.

One of the most important goals for me from day one was to make Two Coda as affordable as possible. Through all of my experience with actual music teachers (one of whom happens to be my wife), I know that it’s a pursuit of passion moreso that monetary gain. Therefore, the product can’t break the bank or be seen as some sort of “cost of doing business” that would hopefully one day pay off.

Instead, I decided to find a way to build something that can keep operating costs low while still being sustainable.

The first tier of service starts at less than ten bucks a month, and that’s likely all most of you will ever need, and is less than the cost of Netflix And of course, I welcome further feedback on pricing structures

Let me know what you think.

That’s an extremely quick n’ dirty rundown of what’s to come in the next couple of months. Let me know what would make this the perfect solution for you in the comments below, or feel free to reach out to us.

We very much look forward to working for you!

Two Coda